Le Macchie Alte specializes in a variety of activities: the agricultural enterprise, based on biodiversity and extensive breeding; agritourism, with a thirty-year experience in the field of hospitality; the wildlife farm that houses a large variety of wild animals and plants. The company philosophy is based on the idea that a healthy product can only be produced on healthy territory! For this reason the whole food production is certified organic by ICEA and is in the process of becoming completely biodynamic. We engage in production activities that are as environmentally friendly as possible in order to guarantee high quality products.
We choose also to grow ancient varieties of fruit and grains, that we grind in our stone mill to produce organic flours… an idea born out of a desire to create a varied and sustainable production and high quality products … as well as the curiosity to know the cultural heritage of our territory! In addition, the Ecolabel certification, a European quality label, certifies the reduction of energy waste and resources, ensures the use of environmentally friendly products to reduce pollution, proper waste management and the use of renewable energy sources. We from ‘Le Macchie Alte’ consider sustainability a fundamental prerogative of all the activities we engage in!

Respect for the rhythm of nature, creating a harmonious integration between human activity and the environment, taking as much as possible care of our territory in order to take care also of human health … these are some of the major principles on which our company philosophy is based!