We serve dinner on the veranda, where you’ll sit around large wooden tables. During summer, meals are served ourdoors under the starlit sky… needless to say that from here the view over the hills and the nearby medieval villages of Montemerano and Manciano is breathtaking. Our cooks have been cooking typical Maremma dishes for all of their life, having been taught the recipes by their mothers and grandmothers. Each day they are supplied with fresh, organic farm products grown on our farm and they create small culinar miracles! Some examples? Acquacotta (an old regional farmers dish based on tomatoes, onions, eggs and breadcrumbs), Pici all’agliata (a special pasta type with garlic), Tortelli with ricotta cheese and spinach, Tagliata di Maremmana (sliced pieces of Maremma tenderloin), Wild boar stew, all accompanied by some glasses of Morellino di Scansano ( our regional red wine “par excellence”). Our cooks use our organic flours, made by grains of ancient varieties that we grind in our stone mill. We are of course attentive to the needs of all our guests: on request we prepare also purely vegetarian menus and special dishes for celiacs and for those who have other specific food allergies or intolerances.
To live well you must live in a nice place and eat good and healthy food. Here at The Macchie Alte our Maremma cows, Cinta Senese pigs, game and poultry all enjoy a good life. This is guaranteed not only by us, but also by ICEA, who since 1997 controls and certifies the entire company and all its products. Demeter will soon also guarantee our commitment by certifying The Macchie Alte as a Biodynamic Agricultural Company. Everything you find on our table has been prepared with love: jams, cakes, bread, honey, seasonal vegetables, Maremma meat, extra virgin olive oil, organic flours … all at 0 km, all organic!