nature is served
from the farm

To live well you have to stay in a nice place and eat good and healthy things.
That this is the case at “Le Macchie Alte” is guaranteed by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) which in 1997 certified our company as well as its products. Extra virgin olive oil, spotted flower honey, Maremma veal and “cinta senese” pigs, sauces, creams for croutons, jams and soups (everything organic) are the result of our work. Take back home the taste and the scents of your Tuscan holiday!

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JAMS: Made with 70% fruit and very little cane sugar, no added pectins, no sweetener to savor the taste of fruit cut into small pieces. Ideal also to accompany certain dishes and aged cheeses. A 100% organic product.
Our jam glasses contain 200g, do not contain preservatives and should be kept in the refrigerator once opened.

CREAMS FOR STARTERS: Produced with ingredients of controlled organic cultivation and vegetables from our garden, harvested at the right time to make the most of the natural flavor and nutrients provided by the sun and the earth. Prepared according to the tradition of Maremma cuisine, they are excellent simply served on toast or as an ingredient to create delicious little appetizers.

RAGU ‘AND SAUCES: Prepared with the traditionell Maremma peasant recipes, they are excellent to “dress” the pasta you serve at home.

ACQUA COTTA (“COOKED WATER”): Typical vegetable soup of the Tuscan Maremma. Its origin dates back to when peasants prepared it over a fire outside in the hills. Now the recipe has been enriched, but retains ofcourse the nutritional characteristics of a simple but complete first course.

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Produced with our olives, traditionally harvested by hand and cultivated with organic methods. Obtained only by cold pressing.

HEMP: The sativa hemp of Le Macchie Alte, Kompolti variety, is grown naturally without the use of chemical agents and pesticides. It is also naturally dried and collected exclusively by hand. The inflorescences, all seedless, are selected from our best productions.
The THC level is lower than the limits set by Law 242/2016..

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